Tips To Apply Different Types of Makeup Foundations

Makeup is a tough choice and even tougher is to apply the right makeup. One of the most important parts of makeup is applying foundations. Now, there are different ways to apply different makeup foundations. How to blend it and how to make it look awesome? We have the answers for you!


Methods To Apply Different Makeup Foundations

We know that most of the people do not even know that there are multiple types of makeup foundations. And even more, there are different types of applying each of the foundations. Let’s have a review of the methods and see if we can follow these to get them pumped up look.

Powder Foundation

So, firstly you need to know that the powder foundation has to be applied for the least coverage of the skin. Use a powder puff but do not press it hard against your skin.

Stick Foundations

This is the most in thing in the makeup market. Almost everyone knows about this type. Obvious to the name, you need to make sure that the stick is completely clean before using. Now, to blend the foundations, use a flat foundation brush or even your fingers. This will give the best usage.



Stick Foundations
Stick Foundations

Sheer Foundations

All you need to do is use your fingers to blend the foundation properly before applying.

Serum Foundations

Since these are very lightweight therefore use a buffing brush to applying this. This will create a nice airbrushed sort of effect on your skin. And if you want to lighten and blend it more, just swipe the brush on your skin.

So, we expect you to follow these easy guideline before applying the foundations next time. We are sure that you will get maximum benefit and ease with these. And do not forget to use the Faiza Beauty Cream to add the sparkle.




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